Who We Are

Welcome to Desert to Ocean, where style meets sustainability.

Our retail concept store specialises in luxurious clothing, gifts, lifestyle and travel must haves that are sustainable, beautiful and functional.

Our passion for travel, adventure and making memories, while treading softly on this earth, means that we will strive to continuously provide our lovely clientele with a collection that is of gorgeous quality, ethically made, sustainable and stylish, a collection that you are sure to love.

Style. Substance. Function. Sustainability. Why sacrifice one for the other? You shouldn't and neither do we. Our carefully curated collection offers quality products from predominantly small batch suppliers both in Australia and from across the globe, many of whom give back to the environment, a cause or a community.

With a dedicated team, we are constantly looking for beautiful products you can use everyday and feel good about on every level. Shop with us online or visit us in store if you’re down south.

So jump in, adventure awaits!