Palau's World First 'Good Traveller' Incentive - BBC Article

This post is about an article we came across that got us so excited we just had to share it with you all!

Imagine a world where, when you travel, you can be offered beautiful experiences based on how environmentally responsibly you travel as opposed to how much money to spend? Well, it's started in the idyllic island nation of Palau and fingers crossed it spreads to many, many other countries. For your reference: The link and credits for images and the full article in BBC Traveller are at the end of this blog.

In December 2017, in an effort to preserve their beautiful part of the world, Palau took the unprecedented step of implementing the Palau Pledge. The Palau Pledge is a promise to the children of Palau by international travellers to the area, stating that they will "tread lightly" and "preserve and protect" the islands during their stay. A pledge stamp is placed in visitor passports, which is signed upon entry, and an app offers points and exclusive experiences based on how well they treat the environment during their stay as opposed to how much money they spend, effectively "gamifying" eco tourism. Its groundbreaking and opens up a whole new way to travel responsibly around this pretty globe of paradise we call home.

The "Tread Lightly" ethos incorporates the following principles:

Travel responsibly.
Respect the rights of others.
Educate yourself.
Avoid sensitive areas.
Do your part.

Read the full article here.

Article written by Lindsey Galloway,18th May 2022

Main Image credit Wendy A Capili/Getty Images

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