Festival Fashion 2024: Express Yourself and Stand Out in Style & Sustainability

What is Festival Fashion?

Music festival fashion is a unique and vibrant fashion style that emerges from a mixture of music, art, culture, and self-expression. It's a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the freedom to showcase your personality through clothing and accessories in a festive and often unconventional way. Festivals provide a platform for festivalgoers to break free from everyday fashion norms and experiment with bold, eclectic, and sometimes daring looks that reflect the energy and atmosphere of the event. Music festival fashion is often heavily influenced by the performers, music genres, and the festival's overall vibe. For example, boho styles often dominate at events like Coachella, while edgier looks may prevail at rock or electronic music festivals. Iconic figures like Woodstock's hippie aesthetic, the edgy rockstar looks of festivals like Glastonbury, and the high-energy rave culture all contribute to the evolving tapestry of festival fashion.

What to wear to a music festival

Have a music festival coming up but not sure what to wear? Festival fashion trends tend to be bold, free-spirited, often a little daring and designed to make a statement. Festival wear allows you to amp up your everyday style and let your inner fashionista shine! There's now a strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical fashion within the festival scene. Many festivalgoers are choosing to mix it up with natural, fibers, eco-friendly, vintage, or upcycled clothing options to align with their values and reduce their environmental impact. Music festival fashion is more than just clothing; it's an avenue for creative expression, a chance to step outside of the everyday and embrace a sense of community and artistic freedom. It's about feeling comfortable, confident, and empowered while celebrating the joy of music and shared experiences. Whether you're into bohemian prints, bold maximalism, coastal cowgirl, utility chic or a mix of styles that's uniquely your own, festival fashion is an opportunity to let your inner goddess shine, stand out, and to celebrate the beauty of diversity and individuality.

How to find your music festival style?

Want to create a festival outfit that rocks? Don't be afraid to amp up your style. Start with the type of styles you'll feel comfortable and confident wearing, the type of music festival you're going to, who's performing, style of music, how many hours/days, time of year? This will help give you some direction and inspo on the style of looks that will work with that festival's vibe. Music festival fashion is a fabulous opportunity for creative expression, a chance to step outside of the everyday and embrace a sense of community and artistic freedom. It's all about feeling comfortable, confident, and empowered while getting into the music and sharing the experience – the laughs, loves, and yes, the moves. 

Festival Fashion Trends 2023/2024

  • Bohemian Vibes: Think Flowy dresses, fringing, crochet knits, evoking that carefree bohemian spirit that embraces all the music festival feels.
  • Maximalism: Embracing bold, eye-catching prints and colors, using a mix of bright and playful colors that stand out in a crowd.
  • Denim, denim and more denim: Denim shorts, distressed jeans, or overalls are staples of festival fashion, providing a comfortable and versatile base for outfit creativity. Glam it up by pairing your denim with a gorgeous Kimono or embellished jacket and a fab pair of boots.
  • Coastal Cowgirl: Flared pants, full maxi skirts and saloon vests, in soft textures. Pair with boots and cowgirl hats. 
  • Vintage and Retro: Retro, vintage-inspired looks are always a great go-to for chic festival style. Think gorgeous, embroidered cami's, dresses and jackets, oversized sunnies, and your fave boots.
  • Crop Tops, tube tops and Bralettes: Crop tops, bandeaus, and bralettes are popular, allowing you to look gorgeous and stay cool at the same time (winning!). Matching bralettes and belles create an uber cool retro look, while crop tops and tube tops can be paired with parachute or cargo pants creates a comfortable but chic utility look.
  • Elevate your outfit with statement accessories: Festival fashion is all about accessorizing. Think oversized sunglasses, wide-brimmed and fedora hats, layered jewellery, and boots that will amp up any outfit. Remember: Comfortable and stylish footwear is a must for navigating festival grounds and those long hours dancing. Boots, sandals, sneakers, and even for the brave (and well-balanced) bold platform shoes. Remember to check the weather before deciding on your footwear.
    Mix and match between the trends to create your own vibe!