Tips & Tricks for Savvy Travellers

Here at Desert to Ocean, we are all about savvy travelling so you can breeze through the fiddly bits and have more time for the fun. Check out these insider tips and tricks, you'll wonder how you ever lived without some of them! 

Are you a Roller or a Folder?

When packing roll your clothes instead of folding them in your suitcase or backpack. This will allow you to fit more things in. Remember to roll underwear and socks within your clothes/shoes to maximise space-saving. If you're a folder not a roller and rolling is not your thing, you can follow the world renowned KonMari method By Marie Kondo, we love this method as it kept our bags super organised but both options work really well to save space.

Copy Right

Email yourself a copy of your passport, ID, and Travel docs so you have an extra copy in the event of loss or theft. Once emailed save a copy of each to your mobile phone for handy access which you can access even when offline. You can even print a copy out if you feel the need.

Leave a gap in between

If you are flying as a couple or with a friend, give this a try! Book the aisle seat and a window seat instead of two seats together and the flight isn’t full, you will most likely end up with an empty seat in the middle which will give you more room and make your flight more comfortable. You’ll be able to stretch out and relax without having to squeeze by anyone whenever you need to visit the bathroom. If someone does happen to book the seat between you (who are  these people?), you can simply ask them to swap and voila! No loss and in flight comfort to gain.

Protect your Assets

Mark your luggage as FRAGILE. This little gem will minimise the rough handling of your luggage in most cases. Usually luggage marked fragile is kept at the top of the pile, and as such will be one of the first to be released making your exit time quicker also.

Connect with your Bank

Call your bank and your credit or debit card companies before you head overseas. We can’t stress this enough as there’s nothing more frustrating than enjoying the start of your vacay only to have your bank shut down access to funds as they suspect suspicious activity.

Write it Down

It seems obvious but many people forget…make sure you have a pen in your hand luggage to complete all the customs forms and travel docs. There’s nothing worse than scrambling around the desks in front of passport control trying to find a pen that works and ending up at the back of the queue… for hours…sigh.

Hydrate all Day and all of the Night

Bring your own water bottle. Not only can you fill up your water bottle in the departure lounge you can feel good about your eco-friendly choices. Having your own water bottle ensures that you have water when you want it and you can always top up when offered water en route. Better still, invest in a hot/cold insulated bottle like our Stainless Steel Bottle with Temperature Display which you can use to keep water cold or your coffee hot for hours on end.

Eating on the Run

Bring your own Travel utensil set (with straw). This is another great way to reduce waste and minimise single plastic use, plus you have the added bonus of knowing exactly where and how your utensils have been stored and their level of cleanliness before you put them in your mouth. Check out our stylish 8 Pce Stainless Steel Utensil Set which comes in a handy travel pouch and in a range of cool colours.

Fresh as a Daisy

Pack a dryer sheet in with your luggage. This sounds weird but after you’ve been on the road a while your luggage may take on a slightly “not so fresh” odour (you know the drill, dirty socks, worn tees). A dryer sheet will keep everything smelling like its’ fresh-out-of-the-laundry without adding weight or taking up space. Look for eco friendly, compostable dryer sheets like Grab Green Stoneworks Dryer Sheets, and if you’re going long-time take a little pack and replace the sheet whenever you need to. Tip: Can't find an eco dryer sheet or want to go fully reusable? You can always use a cloth dabbed with your favourite essential oil and just reapply as required.

Roam if you want to

Prep your phone before landing. Check before you leave if you can use your data allowance in your destination and what the costs are. If you can’t or prefer not to then you can turn off your data roaming to avoid a nasty shock when the bill arrives (it can take only minutes to chew through $50 or $100, wouldn't you rather spend it on a good time?).
Check if your phone is/can be unlocked before you travel. Then you can buy a local SIM card in your destination or purchase an eSIM online if your phone is compatible and enjoy way cheaper rates so you can communicate with friends and family, post on insta...

To Cover up or not to Cover up

A scarf is a must have travel essential, we never travel without one. Whether your in the desert or by the ocean (or some fabulous mountain village in between) a scarf is the multifunctional piece in your kit that will help you in many different scenario's. Use it as a blanket on the plane, a sarong by the pool, to lay on at the beach, as a coverup for your shoulders when visiting religious sights in Europe, a sarong when visiting temples in Indo or to simply shield your head from the sun. It is the ultimate versatile accessory and what's even better is that it takes up very little space. Win Win.

Stay tuned for more travel hacks as we delved into the world of in the-know Apps and cheat sheets on how to save the dollars while still getting the experience!