Shower Steamer Assorted

Shower Steamer Assorted

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Wild Emery's Essential Oil Shower Steamers (50g) are handmade with a natural vegan formula. Each shower steamer is packed with essential oils for a strong scented shower experience. What makes our shower steamers so special?
'+ Handmade in Australia
'+ Natural
'+ Vegan
'+ Cruelty Free
'+ Palm Oil Free
'+ Zero Plastic
'+ Biodegradable Shrink Wrap + No Nasties (no SLS, SLES, Parabens, or Petrochemicals)
'+ No Artificial Preservatives or Fragrances
'+ 1% of Revenue goes to an environmental non-for-profitsWhat to expect?

RELAX essential oil shower steamers are the ultimate floral shower experience. Fill the air with sweet notes of lavender, jasmine and rose geranium. This bouquet blend of flower essential oils is sure to please the mind and senses in a playful floral shower steamer. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and treat yourself with a RELAX essential oil shower steamer.

ORANGE & PATCHOULI Wind down and rest with the pair-made-in-heaven essential oil notes of sweet orange and earthy patchouli in this deep rest inspired Orange x Patchouli shower steamer.

DREAM For the most intense floral experience WITHOUT lavender! Indulge with this match made in heaven blend of floral frangipani, sweet ylang ylang and Earthy clary sage. You would never have believed these three essential oils could have suited, and yet with this blend they are perfect together. Fall in love with the restful, relaxing and soul soothing DREAM shower steamer experience. 

EMBRACE For the tastiest shower you'll ever have, our Embrace shower steamer is the perfect infusion of sweet mandarin and Earthy clove bud, for a shower experience that will seem warm, homely and comforting. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and soak in the comforting aroma of our EMBRACE essential oil shower steamer. 

FOCUS Your shower will never have been so vibrant than with this zesty sweet lemongrass shower steamer. The strong burst of lemongrass and subtle sweet kiss of ylang ylang will fill the air for the ultimate mind refreshing shower. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and re-center yourself with a FOCUS essential oil shower steamer. 

ME TIME Enjoy guilt free ME TIME with a minty and sweet, mouthwatering mojito inspired blend of lime and peppermint shower steamer. This zesty lime shower steamer is sure to be a favourite, with a subtle hint of sweet peppermint. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and unwind with a ME TIME essential oil shower steamer.

CHILL Your shower will never have been so cool and minty than with this fresh burst of spearmint and menthol shower steamer. Bring a much needed and refreshing energy boost into your everyday and chill out with a CHILL essential oil shower steamer.

BREATHE deep and clear your mind (and nose) with the ultimate menthol shower experience. The burst of fresh menthol combined with a cool camphorous blend of rosemary and eucalyptus is sure to clear the sinuses and your mind. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and refresh with a BREATHE essential oil shower steamer. 

SLEEP Wind down in the shower and get ready to SLEEP with this soothing and relaxing shower steamer. Enjoy the calming blend of lavender, French lavender and chamomile while you ready your body and mind for sleep. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and relax with a SLEEP essential oil shower steamer.

REFRESH Step up your shower experience and REFRESH with a burst of menthol and peppermint. The cool menthol infused scent of peppermint and tea tree is perfect for clearing the sinuses and will leave you feeling refreshed and clear. Bring some well deserved indulgence into your everyday and rejuvenate with a REFRESH essential oil shower steamer.